Beijing BWTrans Translation Co., Ltd.

About Us

Beijing BWTrans Translation Co., Ltd. is a superior translation service provider ranging from written translation, oral translation to industry-tailored translation. It has strict quality control system by retaining teachers and specialists from BFSU and proofread by foreign experts from specific areas. We may provide you satisfactory Simultaneous Translation service thanks to our talents poor composed of dozens of top-end Simultaneous Translators, all of whom boasts rich experience in working for EU and UN summits. We provide all of our customers with best services with profound resources, proven quality and prudent attitude. 

Thanks to our strict quality control system and service network, streamlined procedures and considerate after services, we have successfully provided services for government organizations, multi-nationals, foreign embassies resident in China, project construction clients, engineering organizations and design institutes, having gained high prestige and reputation among the customers and having long established ties with global giants running both at home and abroad.  

Multi-Language supports

We provide you with, both in written and oral, translation in 71 languages, including but not limited to English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Czech, Danish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Thai, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Norwegian, Burmese, Greek and other rare languages.                            

Service scope

We have provided translation services in such fields as architecture, electric power, meter, civil engineering, real estate, machinery, finance, banking, securities, insurance, automobile, transportation, petrochemical, geology and mines, IT, computer, communication, electronics, economics, laws, medicines, biochemical, environmental, metallurgy, textile, printing, foods, husbandry and farming, industry and commerce, bidding and tendering documents, etc.  

Translation of migration/overseas studies documents: ID card, household registry, diploma, marriage certificate, driving license, resume, property certificate, real estate appraisal report, bank statement breakdown, bankbook, thesis, personal income tax breakdown, capital verification report, audit report, business license, tax registration certificate, payroll breakdown, tax bill, labor contract, real estate contract, personal housing mortgage contract and loan contract, etc.

Best Quality/Best Possible Price

Best Quality/ Best Possible Price is our philosophy in providing services.

Packaged service: we design tailor-made program for customers to cater to the specific requirements of customers.

We provide simultaneous translation and consecutive translation for large domestic and international conferences.

We provide ST equipment renting for international summits

We also offer meeting minutes services as you need.